Brandy from the Brandy Village

Dear fellow hedonists,

Amidst all the famous whiskey, vodka and cognac drinks you have tasted and enjoyed so far, it is high time you took a bit different drink tour – THE TRADITIONAL SERBIAN PLUM BRANDY TOUR. Serbia has been recognized as one of the top brandy producers taking a great pride in making various fruit-based brandies (locally known as rakija/rakia), such as plum brandy, apricot brandy, pear brandy, quince brandy, etc. We are proud to say that Rakija iz Rakije (Brandy from the Brandy Village) is one of the finest Serbian brandy producers/brands dating back 200 years in brandy production origins, whose main goal is to introduce the great Serbian brandy-making tradition to all the slow drinkers looking for a traditional, high-quality sip (or two, three, etc.).

Our already recognizable logo is R2, symbolizing the two brandy names – the name of the drink rakija (The Serbian word for brandy) and the small hamlet/village called Rakija (the place where we grow our fruit). Even though we produce different types of fruit brandies, we must single out our Brandy Queen – it is “Crvena Ranka”, an old, endemic and indigenous plum type, which has proven, so many times so far, to be one of the best plum trees used for getting the refined and exquisite plum brandies your palate has ever felt. The brandy production process we are employing today is essentially the revival of the old and efficient methods used by our great ancestors, who were clever enough to turn the juicy plum fruits into the god-like alcoholic drinks enjoyed by our great nation/people for numerous centuries.

As mentioned earlier, we are a small household (with the home brandy distillery at the core of it) situated in the Gledić Mountains (near the town of Kraljevo), with all our family members taking an active role in the process of growing our plum and other fruit orchards, producing our high-quality brandies and organising variaous rural tourism events putting the key emphasis on the gastronomic legacy of our stunning countryside. If you visit us, not only will you enjoy the best brandy samples your mouth has ever drunk, but you will also have the opportunity to savour numerous traditional dishes and food specialties our country is renowned for, let alone the fresh mountain air, gentle mountain breeze and spectacular and pristine natural setting you will definitely be captivated by.

Should you decide to visit Serbia and explore its gastronomic and cultural heritage, we strongly recommend that you come to our home distillery and revel in all the traditinional food and beverage delicacies we are so much proud of – primarily having in mind the great PLUM BRANDY, locally grown and cherished with utmost care, as we have typically done with all other aspects of our great, great, great heritage.